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Portraying Your Brand Online

It’s essential that when representing your brand online, you do so in a effective manner. There are many aspects that can have a positive or negative impact on the way your brand is portrayed online, and in this blog today, I’m going to run through some of the main points I believe can have theRead more…

3 Clues Someone Will Link To Your Website

The title of this post is eerily similar to a preteen article about ways to tell if someone fancies you. And you know what? I guess link-building isn’t that different to dating. If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t go out with you. Likewise, if someone doesn’t like your website, they won’t link to it.Read more…

Never Buy A Mechanic’s Car

This being the 300th entry on the fifty6 blog – and having just refreshed the look once again – the saying popped back into my head. People have often mentioned the fifty6 site to me over the years as not being the best. That’s never really been a false claim. I will take this milestone as an opportunity to embarrass myself, but also show that ‘everything is a draft’. Maybe it’ll encourage some of you to have a sentimental look back on how far you’ve come.

Social On The Go

A few weeks ago, Chris blogged about SEO on the Go. As I’m heading away this weekend, I decided to write a blog about some of my most used social media apps for when I’m out of the office. Social on the go. These are the apps that will allow you to keep up toRead more…

When is a Webpage Not a Webpage?

Fear not: this post will not be a lengthy riddle, much as the title might suggest otherwise. It’s actually an opportunity to explore my thoughts about a new client’s website – and reflect on what defines a single webpage. Websites vs webpages – this used to be so simple “What’s the difference between a websiteRead more…

Are You Targeting The Right People?

It’s my 50th today! No, not my 50th birthday, my 50th blog. I can still remember writing my first one, and I think my blogs have improved significantly! Please tell me if I’m wrong. Anyway, in today’s blog, I’m going to speak a little about the importance of targeting your social media content, and generalRead more…

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