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Making Bad Social Situations Slightly Better

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. An analogy that sums up the whole point of this blog quite well. On social media, a multitude of things can happen that may not bode so well for your business. You could post some controversial content that a large number of people may not agree with, or Continue Reading »

Top 5 Free SEO Essentials

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot more free tools entering my SEO routine. This extends beyond the usual suspects of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and AdWords. The web is rich with tools for every stage of the SEO journey. From collating keywords, through on-page optimisation, to making sure Google find all your pages. Here are five Continue Reading »

The fifty6 Marketing Budget Calculator

I’ve been going on about a ‘better way’ of working out marketing budgets for a while now. There was this video, and this one, and then this talk. So I built this (this one’s just an image, there’s a link below it…): After those talks, and some feedback from various lovely people I’ve ranted at Continue Reading »

Facebook’s Shopping Spree

No doubt you would have heard about Facebook’s recent world domination! Well, not quite world domination, yet, but they’re certainly well on their way! This year, Facebook have had a major shopping spree and made three notable acquisitions, which could prove to be extremely beneficial in the future. WhatsApp, Oculus Rift and Ascenta all possess the Continue Reading »

Not All Links Are Created Equal

Links are one of the foundations of the web. In fact, it’s the idea of related nodes being connected together that gives the web its name. Links into a website have been a vital constituent of the Google algorithm since day one, and they remain so in 2014. But not all links are created equal. Continue Reading »


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