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Shake Up Social

First off, in case you’re wondering, they are in fact maracas in the image. Because y’know, you shake them, and in today’s blog, I’m going to be talking about shaking up your social media activity! If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with your social media activities, you’ll hopefully find some of the Continue Reading »

Impact Of The World Cup On Social Media

So, the World Cup is over, and what a tournament it has been. England may have under-performed and been eliminated at the early stages, but it has been an extremely exciting competition nonetheless. Unfortunately for football fans like myself, we have to wait another four years until another one rolls around! Not only has an Continue Reading »

Social Struggles For A Business

In my blog this week, I’m going to speak about some of the main aspects of social media that businesses struggle with on their social media profiles. In my opinion, two of the main problems that many businesses face on their social media platforms is the fact that their posts aren’t ‘working’ properly, and/or are Continue Reading »

Why I Love Social Media

Social media has been part of many of our lives, for a fairly long time. What was the first social media platform that you ever used? Let me know in the comment section below this blog! Anyway, back to what I’m writing about today. Social media is a huge part of my life at the Continue Reading »

Do You ‘Do’ Social Advertising?

Just a simple question from me this week. I’m intrigued, based on a couple of sessions talking with business owners this week. I’d like to know who’s partaking in social advertising. That means paying for placement on any of the big guns. Let me know in the comments below! Right down there, let us know Continue Reading »


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